What ?

Ok I know this says "WHO" but its actually a part of the answer to "What do sharks eat"!


Here we'll meet some of the characters that represent some of the different animals my friends try to eat.

Mostly my Shark friends just call these guys "LUNCH!" but they have their own names. They try hard not to be eaten, don't worry none of my characters are going to get eaten! (Well Plink and Plank get eaten sometimes but they never get killed here).


My Shark friends call these guys "Lunch", but here they'll introduce themselves to you.

This is AJ, he's an Amberjack, he can grow up to about 4 foot. He's quite a large predator (animal that hunts other animals) himself, however he's also on the menu for many sharks as well as other big fish like Tuna and Swordfishes.

This is Bobby Bass, he's a Freshwater fish that lives in lakes and rivers in the Southern USA, he's not really food for sharks, since the only sharks that really ever come into his home are Bull sharks which sometimes come into Freshwater. However you will meet him later, as a predator he behaves in many ways like a shark and he's familiar to many young people (at least those in North America - those in Europe might like to think of him as being like a Perch) who like to fish.

This is ****, he's a butterfly fish. He's a reef fish, there are many types of butterflyfish all over the world.

This is Capistra (Chaetodon Capistratus is his full name) he's a four eyed butterfly fish he's given his name because of the spot on his tail. The spot looks to predators like an eye, the aim is they will think thats an eye and try to bite his tail instead of his head, giving him the chance to swim away fast. So he has two eyes on his head and two fake "eyes" on his tail!

This is Chaeto (Chayto - Chaetodon Semilarvatus), he's a blue cheek butterfly fish (click here for more on butterflyfish), he lives in the red sea and many other places.

This is Crabby, he's a Blue Crab, found in the Gulf of Mexico and around the Caribbean. He's particularly found in Louisiana where they are often fished for by humans and eaten as boiled crab in hot spices. They taste pretty delicious, but crabby here is a skilled survivor and has powerful claws to help him find food and prevent him from being food.

This is Delphi, he's a Dolphin. He's a mammal like humans, not a fish, he can grow pretty big, up to about 8 or 9 ft. Dolphins, breathe air, give birth to live young, produce milk for their young and have a complex social structure and some believe - language! Either way they are extremely intelligent, capable of solving problems and communicating (even on a basic level with humans) complex information.

This is Fishy, he's a clown fish. Clown fish are another type of Damsel fish (we'll learn more about other reef fish later and in a seperate section of the site).

This is Lunch, he's the original character called lunch. He's a sea lion, commonly found of california. They are related to seals, belonging to a group called "pinnipeds". Seals and sealions are some of the favorite foods for great whites. We'll learn more about how sharks hunt different prey later on, under the "how" section of the site.

This is Pengy. He's a penguin. In some parts of the world Penguins are eaten by Great whites and a few other sharks. In the antarctic (by the way) there is a large predatory seal called a leopard seal that eats penguins. Near Capetown , South Africa, there's a place called "Dyer Island", there are two islands there (correct me if I'm wrong), on one island there's a seal colony, on the other there is a penguin colony with a channel in between. Its a popular place to study great whites since with so much potential food around its like a shark buffet. Even so people who go there don't always see sharks, there are only a few great whites to every colony since it takes many seals or penguins to feed 1 big predator, you'll learn about this in "WHAT - What is the Food Chain?".


This is Plink, he's a piece of phytoplanket, they are tiny and float in huge numbers in the sea. Phytoplankton is the basis for all life in the seas, since they are basically plants they can turn sunlight into energy (while doing so they also produce Oxygen which we need to breathe). The character is based on the shape of a plant cell rather than any specific type. There are thousands of species of phytoplankton, most of which not even catalogued by science yet. One of the biggest eaters of phytoplankton is another type of plankton - Zoo plankton, tiny animals, thousands of different species, they eat the phytoplankton, and bigger species of zoo plankton will eat them, until they get eaten by a small fish which gets eaten by a bigger fish and so on - this is called the Food Chain - this is discussed in its own part of the "What" page. There are so many different types of plankton that I've chosen to represent these two by something that looks like a generic plant cell and something that looks like a generic animal cell. In real life these guys would be so small you'd need a lens or a low powered microscope to see them. (Although some pieces of plankton get very big like jellyfish).

This is Plank, he's a piece of zooplankton, he's a tiny animal, (read above), there are thousands of species, I've just represented him like a jelly like creature.


This is Sarge, he's a Sergeant Major fish (named for his stripes). He's a type of damsel fish, he's named Segeant Major for his stripes, however they are also quite agressive and bossy when kept in an aquarium so its actually quite a good name for them, meet my other friend Gunney, inspired by one of my favorite TV presenters , Ex Marine Drill Instructor - R. Lee Ermey from the History Channel, this guy is hilarious, he has a program about military history.

Watch out for Gunney, he'll be around the site from time to time telling you what you need to pay attention to and if you don't he'll order you to drop do pushups!!


This is Shrimpy, he's a shrimp , that's why he's called Shrimpy! Well he's a popular food item for many animals, especially human, down here in Louisiana we eat a lot of shrimps boiled in cayenne peppers (REALLY HOT). So a shrimp who doesn't want to be lunch must work hard to avoid not just being called lunch but actually being lunch.

This is squiddy, he's a squid. He's also on the menu for many sharks and fish.




Yellow Tang (Hawaii)

Yellowtailed Damsel Fish

-Who do my friends try to eat?