Who is SharkyJones ?
"Hi, my name's SharkyJones, welcome to my website!"

"I'll be your host! Together with my friends I'll show you around the world of sharks, nature and the sea!"

"This is my electronic form, what I look like when I move into cyberspace (the electronic world), my digital alter-ego if you like!, although in real life I'm an engineer and Scuba Diving Instructor"

Unfortunately, even in my cyber-shape some things stay the same, I still have a big nose and a tubby belly!!! ;-)

"My first sharksite started in late 1993/early 1994, it got a lot of hits and a lot of people emailed me to say hi, ask questions and say thanks. Well, most of those people were kids, parents and teachers, so it made me think that maybe it was time there was a site just for kids (Ok and for adults too)"


"This site will have a number of features, many will be under construction for a while, so be patient"

"We'll talk about what sharks are, where they come from, we'll learn about types of sharks, problems man is causing sharks and other marine creatures and meet some of my friends through their cartoon characters, above all it will be fun!"

"We'll also have lots of cartoons, games, pages for teachers and a souvenir shop.

"If you have a fast connection or the patience to sit while large files download there will be all sorts of films and animations "

"There's also a Question and Answer page where you can ask questions and see the answers to them all"

"So how will you use this site ?"

"Down the left hand side you can see a series of icons! move the mouse over them and you can see them light up.

The site is organised into activities and resources, however the most important is the section "About Sharks", inside that section you can find most of the actual information and things to learn on this site.

Whenever you go into pages you can always come back by clicking on the icon in the menu bar again.

If at any time you get lost you can always click on the site map and see an overview of all the pages in the site."

"One of these buttons lets you email me, you can contact me to ask me questions, tell me if you liked the site, what you liked, what I can do better etc. I do love to hear from you it makes all the work worthwhile!

Another button lets you go to the Shark shop, there you can buy souvenirs such as paintings, stickers, t-shirts, hats and even temporary tattoos(but nothing from real sharks!). - This site is paid for entirely by me out of my pocket money! buying a souvenir will help me keep the site running and I'll donate 10% of any profits I make to charity. (Lifeboats)" - Many of the goods in the shark shop have been picked to enhance the lessons introduced in the text.

"Clicking on the Moreoptions button you can find some options not presented on the main index, such as:

-Links to other useful pages

-A site map

-Guest Book

-Games / Puzzles (coming soon)

-Teacher support (coming soon)

-Another route to all the "About Sharks" information


Well that's it for now, feel free to email me, don't forget to visit the Shop and please tell all your friends about sharky-jones.com - have fun exploring!!"

SharkyJones - June 2003

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