When ?

So as you can see, although Sharks look a little like Dolphins they are totally different. I'll write more about Dolphins and other marine critters as the website grows.

What about Rays ?

Sharks belong to a group of fish called Elasmobranchs, there are three types of fish in this group, Sharks, Rays and Chimaera.

Sharks are cousins to Rays, they share very similar body parts, but are flattenned out.

They are so close together that some rays look like sharks and some sharks look like rays!

You can see below an angel shark, he is flattenned out like a ray, his body is flat and his pectoral fins are large. Well rays are sharks that have evolved a little differently, their pectoral fins have evolved into "wings" that they "flap" to move, their tails have normally evolved into long thin tails. The angel shark does use his tail to swim, unlike rays.







Below is a Stingray, he is a true ray. You see how his tail is elongated into a whip shape, only a small useless fin is left on it. His pectoral fins (the fins on the side) are actually more like wings, from the top he is circular in shape and looks like a frying pan. His "wings" move up and down in a wave shape quite fast moving him forward. Bigger rays like mantas have long, pointed wings which they flap slowly like a big bird.












To find out more about Rays, there will be more pages linked here soon , photos, videos, links and more cartoons.


Learning to Scuba Dive





Why some people asked me this question is because some people thought that sharks are mammals - THIS IS NOT TRUE, SHARKS ARE FISH.

The reason that they might think a Shark is a Mammal is because they are getting them mixed up with Dolphins, especially because in some ways dolphins look a little like sharks.

Lets take a little look at Fish and Mammals.

-When might I see a shark?