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Question & Answer Session

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In this part of the page I'll do my best to answer your questions, so far I've had some very good questions!

I'll answer them as best I can and also do some research and point you to other people's writing on the question. Remember there are often many opinions to the answer to the question, I'll tell you mine based on what I've read and seen and link you to other sites too!

Pick a question from the list below and see the answer, or Email me and ask me a question, I can't promise to post them all to the site or answer them all but I will try to get as many as I can.

Click on the Email icon.

Also why not go to the discussion board and participate in conversations with other shark fans.

When asking a question please include your First name, age and roughly where you're from e.g. Los Angeles or London, UK

Question 1 Noella , almost 10 from Hampshire, England asked "I have to make a presentation of 2-4 minutes on animals and how they have adapted to their changing environment / habitat" - "How have sharks adapted to their environment?"
Question 2 Zach, 26, a surfer from North California asked "The myth is that a dolphin can kill a shark, and therefore it is safe to surf where there are dolphins. Is this true?"
Question 3 Lucy, age ?, from ? asked "does every type of shark eat humans ?"
Question 4 Helen, age ?, from ? asked "hey I have a question about sharks do they lay eggs and what kind of family do they belong to, like fish or something else please write back thanks"
Question 5

Megan, 13, from Atlanta asked several great questions :

1.What is the biggest size of a great white shark?
2.What all shapes of teeth on sharks are there?
3.Do all sharks change colors?
4.Is there a certain time or place or anything when a sharks behavior changes?

she also asked

I would also like to know a personal question to u. 
1.Have u ever touched a shark?
2.Have u swam with a shark?
3.Do you own any sharks?

Question 6 Danielle, from Colchester, England (UK), asked "Do sharks have scales ?"
Question 7 Beck, from ?, asked "why do sharks have to swim all the time and bony fish don't ? and what adaptations do sharks have to find food?"
Question 8 Alex C. aged 10 from ? asked me if I had any photos I could send. I said no, I'd do better I'd put some on the site, which i'd planned but I figured it was time to hurry up. So i've added a photo page and a film page! - Hope you like them Alex, these are just some old ones I had, I'll be putting better photos and more of them on soon. - Keep watching!


A couple of things to remember when using the answers to these questions :

- To make sure you don't miss out, do some extra research too, there's lots of great books out there and I can't cover everything (though i'll try, I'll also link you to other sites - though please come back to mine).

- Check my page regularly, I'm always adding new content, often I may have added a page that explains that question.

- Check your facts, I'll try my best to make sure everything is right, but I'm an engineer not a shark biologist , though I read a lot about sharks and dived with, seen many and worked with quite a few.

- Don't just copy what I write down, use my page as a resource by all means, but chances are your teachers also come and read this site, so they'll recognise any copying ;-) besides I write in a fun, informal way and often messy way (when I'm in a hurry), not something that would be good for a report so you will have to still do some work, bad luck ;-)

- Anything I write will mostly be based on the prevailing accepted scientific theory of evolution, remember too that many people believe that God created everything as it is and many believe that God created life and life evolved (that evolution was God's) plan.

So this site will talk about natural selection and evolution as its the accepted theory with the most evidence (but not perfect). However we will also cover some of creation theory. More information on all three theories will be given later on, my aim is that both alternatives will get their voice to fit in with many schools' curriculum.


Great White Shark
Great White Shark
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Bob Talbot - Remember Valdez
Sea Otters
Bob Talbot
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Barrie Rokeach - Blue Whale
Blue Whale
Barrie Rokeach
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Bob Talbot - Petite Baleine
Petite Baleine
Bob Talbot
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Killer Whale
Killer Whale
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